How to update your theme to the latest version available

Keeping your theme up to date is a good idea if you want all of the latest features and bugfixes. The current version number can be seen in the top right corner of the theme page. If your own theme version is older than this, you should update. Here is how:

First off, if you haven’t used a child theme for your theme customizations, you need to do the following before anything else:

  1. Backup your custom.css file
  2. Backup your custom language files
  3. Backup all custom code you’ve added in theme files

If you’ve used a child theme you don’t need to worry about losing any changes.

Next step – how to upload it: You can do one of the following:

  • Delete the current (parent) theme in the admin panel, upload the new zip file via admin and activate it
  • Delete the current theme folder via ftp and upload the new one
  • Change the old theme folder name to eg. theme-old via FTP, then upload the new zip via admin or FTP

Your admin panel settings will be saved, so you don’t have to worry about them. You may need to press save once in Theme Options for the settings to be re-added.

And there you go, you now run the latest version of the theme!

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  1. Mike says:

    Hey Alex,

    first of all: great job with these themes, especially the “Anew” is absolutely brilliant from my point of view. Well done!

    I updated Anew to 2.0.0 right now and found two issues (one of them was already present in v1.0.3):

    1) If one uses any of the (great) shortcodes, all text inside the shortcode-tags is removed from any excerpt. Be it either on a search result or just when having the excerpt visible on a blog overview.

    2) Unfortunately the setting for “Website Max-width” in Design > Theme Options > Styling does not have any influence on the look of my website anymore! In 1.0.3 the content changed properly when changing the value for this setting, but with 2.0.0 in use there is no effect visible.

    It would be great if you could have a look at these issues and report back how they might be overridden… ;-))

    Thanks a lot again and keep up the good work,
    BR Mike

    • Alexander says:

      Thanks for reporting Mike! I’ve fixed the number #2 issue (the only styling option I forgot to test had to be broken…).

      You can fix it by going to /functions/dynamic-styles.php on line 80 and 82, and change .container-inner to .container, or re-download the theme (not changing version number for it).

      As for #1 You can already fix it by going to Theme Options > Blog and selecting “Content” instead of “Excerpt” and then just using the more link to cut off the content where you want 😉

      • Mike says:


        thanks for your quick reply…

        The changes you mentioned work like a charm (the line numbers are 82 and 85, btw.), great that they are such easy to solve issues. 😉

        I’m glad I could help and make the already excellent themes a bit more “bugless”.

        BR Mike

        • Alexander says:

          Feel free to report if you discover any more! It’s always of great help to me, so thank you.

          • Mike says:


            I have one more issue which I’d like to address here…

            If you have a look to the “Recent Comments” area on the “Tabs”-widget you can see that the time next to the comment is NOT the time of the comment itself, but of the post it belongs to. This is quite strange to me, so I simply don’t think that this is intentionally done like that 😉

            Second thing is: I really would be glad if you could give some hints on the following:

            1) How to make such a “Child Menu” area like you show on the demo site!??

            2) How to establish an area like the “Discover” area on the demo site ( in the left sidebar.

            3) How to establish a “Featured” area like in the footer of the very same demo page ^^.

            Thanks, BR Mike

          • Mike says:


            sorry I mixed the comment date issue up with another project I’m working on. I beg your pardon…

            It would be great if you could answer the remaining three points of my previous comment.

            Thanks & sorry,
            BR Mike

          • Alexander says:

            1) Use the page template “Child Menu” for all pages you want the menu to show up on, and make sure that the pages are threaded in WordPress, as children and grandchildren of a parent page.

            2) Use the AlxPosts widget, and select to randomize order either from all posts or a certain category.

            3) Create a category called featured, put your featured post(s) in it, and use the category as a filter. Then show the Featured category with the AlxPosts widget.

          • Mike says:

            Great… thanks for the quick reply and your excellent work!

          • Mike says:

            Alex, please help one more time…

            How (where?) can I decrease the font size which is used by the theme?

            I already put some markup to my custom.css, but the size does not change whatever I’m trying :-/

            So please let me know WHERE I have to put WHICH MARKUP (which css/classes) to make a smaller font face possible.

            BR Mike

  2. Great job, awesome theme!
    Especially big thanks for the cyrillic fonts!

  3. Dzungle says:

    Hello Alex
    The first: Hueman is awesome theme! I just only modify some in font to support Vietnamese and I have all I need. I trying use it to make a block supporting to learning English in Vietnam.
    But I have some difficult when config it to make it like Demo site.
    Could you give me the full code of your Demo site.

    Thanks so much for your jobs

  4. Rod says:

    i’ve just updated the theme via the updater at wordpress, and all th styling options it simply just don’t work, all the colores stay like the default one, also sidebar width stay as default, i made the changes, refresh it, even try other browsers and it still keeps the default settings any advice?

    • Alexander says:

      Did you enable the checkbox up top to turn styling options on?

      Via the updater? Then you will have the lite version. Re-download the theme from here to get the full version. Read more on Q&A #2 here

      • Rod says:

        Lol totally forgot that, now is working, thanks!!! ok will download the full version didn’t know there were a lite ver. aswell. thanks once again!!! awesome work can believe this is free omg,

  5. Mike says:

    Hi Alex,

    I have a NEW issue with Google Chrome, which occured suddenly today: the “Share Buttons” for Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are suddenly not shown anymore, just the G+ is still there.

    I double checked this with Firefox and Internet Explorer – both of them show the share-buttons like they should be, just Google Chrome hides three of them.

    Could you maybe dive into that an give some advice what might be the reason!!??


    • Alexander says:

      Any adblock addon recently installed in your web browser?

      Please use the support forums for future questions by the way, thanks!

      • Mike says:


        I checked it with the very same Chrome version on my PC at home – there the buttons are shown properly!

        I think it might be related to a different config of e.g. AdBlock+ or something like that (the extension is running on both machines, btw.). I will check it…

        Is there already a support forum available for Anew, or should Anew-specific questions/issues relly be posted to the linked Hueman-forum?

        BR Mike

  6. Rod says:

    Any plans on put a search bar at the Header menu?

  7. Emmanuel says:

    Hi Alexander! I love your theme. You’ve done an amazing job, well done!

    My question is, how do you create the: “Dolores eos qui ratione voluptatem sequi nesciunt. Lorem ipsum dolor.” on this page:

    How did you insert it into the blog post??

  8. Mike Roberts says:

    How do you get the slider to switch back to portrait. It seems to be stuck in landscape and is cutting images off.

  9. Kyle Pastor says:

    Just wanted to say that Hueman is by far the greatest theme I have seen anywhere. I am using now and I just wanted to express my thanks 😀

  10. Your creativity is really awesome Sir!

  11. Nasir says:

    Dear Mr. Alex,
    I am a one of your hueman-theme user, and I love to use it. But the problem appear when the last update come and I want to update it. As I made some changes in some templates, I have to use child-theme as you and wordpress suggest it. I made hueman-child folder and insert customized-files (style.php, header.php, and footer.php). Then I tried to activate it thru theme dashboard, but it said that templates are missing. I don’t understand, what should I have to do? Even I downloaded child-theme master from your website. Can you help me solving this. I appreciate if you give some tutorial thru my email:
    Thank you very much.

  12. Joe says:

    Love your theme Hueman and I am using it for multiple clients, my problem is that I updated to the latest version and now I am getting error messages interspersed throughout the pages. I need to undo the update. I had no customizations that would require a child theme, just options included within the theme. I hope I can get this resolved soon as my client will be pretty upset if he sees it!! Thanks!!

  13. your themes are solid and unique. Great job!

  14. Truong says:

    this is the theme with nice and easy way to customize the layout as you need

    Thnks for your great jobs

  15. Hi alexander
    Your themes are solid and unique. Great job!
    Your website is No1

  16. Hi alex, please help one more time…

    How (where?) can I decrease the font size which is used by the theme?
    Thank you

  17. Chris says:

    Greetings from Poland! the Hueman theme is great and I will use it on my review site! Really good theme and for free, you are golden brain and you should create premium themes too also and get money for it 🙂 Bye and Good Luck in future projects 🙂

  18. Hi, Alex, Your Hueman theme is awesome and I want to use it on my site. I am a novice and do not know many things to customize. I really liked the way you divided your left side bar on your demo home page ( in to two section i.e. Recent and popular post. I tried but could not. Also I could not bring the search button at the top bar. I can add it as a widget at left or right sidebar though. Can you please guide me?

  19. Hello Mr Alexander! I love your theme. You’ve done an amazing job, well done!
    Thank you.

  20. Hi alexander,
    your themes are solid and unique. Great job!
    King regards

  21. Ros says:

    Hello Alexander,
    Thank you for your very kind contribution. I am starting up a not for profit health blog so finance is very limited, so I am particularly grateful.. I am very poor with ‘tech’ stuff and so have been watching youtube tutorials to try to make adaptation easier.. I have opted to go with the Hueman theme, just wondered if things are running relatively well with this theme.. Thanks again!! 🙂

  22. hello alexander
    a nice themes and enjoy it
    thank you

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