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A theme in classic personal tumblog style. Fully featured, responsive and high resolution. Anew gives much content variety with all 10 post formats shown in a unique way.

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Another free theme. Write about something you love and share with the world in classic tumblog style!

The way sidebars are treated for phones and tablets is pretty unique. Resize your browser window’s width on the live demo to see how it works, or use CTRL+scrollwheel to zoom in and see high resolution in action!

If you want to design WordPress themes, but don’t have good enough php knowledge or foundation to build on, you are free to use this theme as base. It’s GPLv3-licensed. The theme documentation is also free to use (WTFPL).

  • Read the documentation here
  • Download the sample child theme here
  • Download or contribute translations here
  • Anew is on GitHub

If you want to support my work, any amount is always appreciated:


Some of the features included…

100% High resolution

Awesome sharpness on retina screens and other high resolution devices. No compromise anywhere.

Extensive styling options

Unlimited primary accent color. Change topbar, header, footer, toplink and post format colors in seconds.

Ultra responsive

This theme will scale down beautifully from a full hd resolution down to a low resolution mobile phone.

Flexible layout options

Set 0-1 sidebars to the left, right or one on each side. Every page, post and also standard WP sections can be unique.

Toggle fixed-width sidebar

The sidebar is always kept at a neat 280px. Rendered after in the code of course, so that it appears below on low-res mobile.

0-4 Footer widget columns

Use anything from no footer widgets all the way up to 4 columns. A personal favourite is 3 columns for good space on all devices.

Almost zero images

With Font Awesome, CSS and a modern flat look this theme manages to load only 1-3 images total for the whole layout, depending on layout choice.

Integrated share counts

Sharrre is inlcuded which gives you high-res share buttons and counts for each article. Not a fan of social media? Just disable them.

Set the website max-width

You choose how wide you want your website to be via the admin panel. With a neat numeric slider, it’s one click away. 740px > 1600px.

Unlimited widget areas

There is no limit to how many widget sidebars you can create. Each widget area can be assigned to a unique page, post or standard WP sections.

Neat post formats

This theme makes each one of the 10 formats stand out in their own unique way. Unlimited colors for each format.

Social links

Easily add your own social links to your header and footer. Use any of 370 icons. Set a unique color for each if you want.

Font selection

Choose from a list of some good-looking fonts supplied via Google Fonts. Latin Extended and Cyrillic options included.

Boxed layout

Want a boxed layout style instead of full-width? It’s one click away in the styling options.

More Features

But wait, there is more! - Billy Mays

Backend theme options

Great customization ability directly from the theme options panel without having to touch any code at all.

Good SEO

The markup is search engine optimized to allow the best possible result for your website.

Straightforward code

A WordPress theme code structure that is easy to work with. No layer upon layer with bloated code.

Custom built widgets

Includes widgets to display responsive video, tabbed content, post lists and other neat features.

Custom logo upload

Upload your own custom logo with a few simple clicks. No logo yet? Use the standard plain-text option.

Custom page templates

Page templates for things such as a childpage menus are included. The layout options are many.

Cross-browser support

Compatible with the latest versions of modern browsers - Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE8 or 9+.

Localisation support

Translate into any language you wish using the included .po/.mo files. Everything you need to get started.

OptionTree framework

Fully integrated OptionTree, a fantastic theme options framework that is easy to work with. Created by Derek Herman.

Full child theme support

The theme has been built with child themes in mind. All functions and files are pluggable and easy to work with.

Do you like it? Share it perhaps?

545 Responses

  1. Kalee says:

    Once again a fantastic template. The only request I would have is making it update through the admin panel instead of overwrites, other than that, great job. :)

    • Alexander says:

      Thanks! Yeah, that would be neat. Don’t worry though, it shouldn’t recieve 10 updates within a few days like Hueman did. It already has all of that fixed from the beginning ;-)

      Edit: I spoke too soon…

      • Ramazan says:

        Haha :D

        Dude, this theme is totally awesome. Still a Management student, but noted that with my first regular job salary, i gonna donate at least 10 bucks inshaAllah. Totally amazing, wishing having such design and coding skills.

  2. Dwi Utomo says:

    I try finding Anew in wordpress directory WP but couldn’t find. I hope you will upload in theme and make it updateable like others without touching code or backup.
    Great job, fine colors !

  3. Cedric says:

    Hi Alex,
    Anew & Hueman look awesome!
    – Are they based on a Framework such as Bootstrap?
    – Are they fully compatible with external widgets/plugins?
    – Notably is it possible to ad advertisement support without too much hacking?

    • Alexander says:

      – 100% self-built css, so no common framework
      – Should be, give it a go and see!
      – Hueman has a 300px and 220px sidebar which should be perfect for ads, as they are fixed widths and don’t have a %-width. Anew 280px.

  4. Adib says:

    Hi Alex,
    May i develope the script after downloading this theme? like css and php?

  5. Terry says:

    Excellent theme. I have to ask though is there a way to get it to automatically resize a video that has already been embedded in the post itself. Images resize but not videos. I noticed that the default twentythirteen theme resizes videos within the post (no matter what the size of the YouTube embed code says).

    • Alexander says:

      Thanks Terry! The theme has this code, it should make all videos responsive. Any link to any live example?

      • Terry says:

        Doing a test on my own server before I go live, so no. Try it yourself as a test to make sure. Everytime I embed it with YT code in the post it won’t resize. If you make a Format Video it’s fine, but right in the post it doesn’t work.

        • Terry says:

          Looking at the output, it only puts a “p” tag around the embed so the special div that should go around isn’t being added.

          • Alexander says:

            What’s the embed type? Embed, iframe, object, video? I’m testing on my end without issues.

            Disable potentially conflicting plugins, if you have any active.

            I’ll look into it though, if TwentyThriteen handles it fine.

  6. Terry says:

    Thanks for the replies on the responsive videos. You may be right about conflicting plugins. For right now I’ll just manually wrap videos with the proper div/class within posts. I usually always work in the text tab anyways.

    I plan on taking advantage on the featured image on each post. What dimensions does it display in full width just so I can keep it consistent and re-use the same photoshop template for new images.

    Really excellent theme! Great work!

  7. Damian says:

    Hi! Congratulations!!! Anew is a excelen theme! He got all the stuff what I need. It’s simple; it’s easy and pretty cool.

    A question: I’m looking for a way to display items with “standard” as if they were “pictures” format. Ie, I want all the items with “standard” format look the same formatted articles that “image” without editing. Is that possible?

  8. Patrik says:

    Hello, Alex. Thank you very much for giving this theme for free… I totally love the design.

    I just have one question: how can i put that child menu into the sidebar? I tried to do this, but with no succsess. I will really apreciate your advice.

    Thank again for the theme! Really beautiful design. Don’t you think about selling some themes on themeforest? This one could get some good sales i think.

  9. Scott says:

    Hello Alex,

    First off, this theme is incredible, THANK YOU. Secondly, is there some documentation that I am missing? I am trying to find out how to use some of the short codes or do things like make and display child menu but I cannot seem to figure it out.

    Can you offer any assistance?

  10. Cristi says:

    Awesome theme! Thank you!

    I have a question too: how can i add more share buttons? i see you have g+, ony my blog it not showing :)

  11. Aleksey says:

    Oh, awesome! Great work. Really. Best theme i was see before
    But how you add menu Demo on the right?
    How to check it on and can it be use with categories?

  12. Dennis says:

    Love the theme. Great work. But how can I get featured images to display on the homepage?

  13. Arsenio says:

    Congratulations about this theme (and the other in this web). Clear, beautiful and well made. I’ll use it at our page. Regards!

    • pahaji says:

      Hi arsenio,
      your web is great using this theme. i want to ask something, my web uses this theme too, but in homepage the pictures arent showed, how can i fix it?

  14. ismael says:

    como faço pra coloca o video e que apareça no post thumb?

  15. Bee says:

    Hi, thanks for the awesome theme. I would just like to know how do I setup archives as one of the pages using your features?

  16. jacques says:

    fantastic theme. I love it.Building a site for my daughter for school presentation (still WIP) . Your theme is perfect for a site with few images Yet, I do have some questions :
    1 )
    I try using a plugin that allows me to insert post inisde pages (‘embed post’) and it is not working so well with non basic posts as it will present only the summary. Any recommendation of a better way of doing ?

    2 ) in the demo site, how is made the post category selector, with the display of post in a small round image ?
    Is it something you developped ? or are you using an external plugin ?

  17. Seng says:

    Love your work. Thank you. I appreciate it.

  18. David Ortega says:

    Can you make this theme to be automatically updatable on our end, instead of checking your site each time if it have an update. Also, why is that it’s not listed on themes?

  19. Davide says:

    Hi Alex, great theme! Congrats & thanks!

    One question: is it possible to display a featured image also for the “standard” post format? I don’t want to use the image format for every post…

  20. Rui says:

    Great themes, one of the best for free, nice designs.

    You are great, keep sharing more like this ones.


  21. Geerten says:

    I’ve noticed you have round thumbnails in your AlxTabs widget at my site the thumbs are oval. I’d like the round ones on your demo site better!

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