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A detailed and polished magazine theme with a premium taste. Positioned to the left of the screen, it gives a unique look with large social buttons.

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Downloaded via wordpress.org

Toggle fixed-width sidebars

The primary sidebar is always kept at a neat 300px. The secondary is 220px. Both are always rendered after the content in the code, no matter layout.

Related posts & post nav

Motivate your readers to explore more articles on your website with related posts and links to previous and next article.

Featured story or slider

Show your most recent post in large size on the frontpage, or select a featured category to pick stories from. 0-10 featured articles can be shown.

Boxed layout

Want a boxed layout style instead of full-width? It’s one click away in the styling options.

Footer & header ads

Prepared footer and header widget areas for leaderboard ads can be enabled.

Standard post style

Don’t want the 2-posts per row style? Enable the standard list style instead.

More Features

But wait, there is more!

100% High resolution

Awesome sharpness on retina screens and other high resolution devices. No compromise anywhere.

Ultra responsive

This theme will scale down beautifully from a full hd resolution down to a low resolution mobile phone.

Extensive styling options

Set any of unlimited accent colors for the theme and other specified areas in seconds.

Post formats

Easily show video, audio, image and gallery sliders with the most used post formats available.

Almost zero images

With Font Awesome, CSS and a modern flat look this theme manages to load only a few images total for the whole layout, depending on layout choice.

Unlimited widget areas

There is no limit to how many widget sidebars you can create. Each widget area can be assigned to a unique page, post or standard WP sections.

0-4 Footer widget columns

Use anything from no footer widgets all the way up to 4 columns. A personal favourite is 3 columns for good space on all devices.

Set the website max-width

You choose how wide you want your website to be via the admin panel. With a neat numeric slider, it’s one click away.

Social links

Easily add your own social links to your header and footer. Use any of 605 icons. Set a unique color for each if you want.

Font selection

Choose from a list of some good-looking fonts supplied via Google Fonts. Latin Extended and Cyrillic options included.

Flexible layout options

Set sidebars to the left or right on any post or page. You can also specify for home, single, archive, category, search and error 404 pages.

Integrated share counts

Sharrre is inlcuded which gives you high-res share buttons and counts for each article. Not a fan of social media? Just disable them.

Backend theme options

Great customization ability directly from the theme options panel without having to touch any code at all.

Good SEO

The markup is search engine optimized to allow the best possible result for your website.

Straightforward code

A WordPress theme code structure that is easy to work with. No layer upon layer with bloated code.

Custom built widgets

Includes widgets to display responsive video, tabbed content, post lists and other neat features.

Custom logo upload

Upload your own custom logo with a few simple clicks. No logo yet? Use the standard plain-text option.

Custom page templates

Page templates for things such as a childpage menus are included. The layout options are many.

Cross-browser support

Compatible with the latest versions of modern browsers - Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE.

Localisation support

Translate into any language you wish using the included .po/.mo files. Everything you need to get started.

Live customizer

All theme options are changed from the WordPress live customizer so that you can easily see the changes you do live.

Full child theme support

The theme has been built with child themes in mind. All functions and files are pluggable and easy to work with.

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66 Responses

  1. Mateusz says:

    That is amazing theme. Thank you very much!

  2. Ohidul Islam says:

    This theme has a premium taste. Just awesome. Thanks for giving it for free.
    May Allah Bless on you.

  3. Tetiana says:

    Hi Alexander!
    Thank you for this great theme!!!
    One thing I didn’t get: how does plus icon work in “What’s hot title”?

  4. Aloho says:

    This it what I’am looking for! Thank You Thank You!

  5. sqotch says:

    Man , you`r awesome! Thx u for your work , a thanks for making your themes free

  6. CoDTurkiye says:

    Thanks a lot Alex for TypeCore theme. Very nice and free 🙂 Im using now.

  7. Doublejou White says:

    Another great theme. Thank you for this great free design!

  8. Al says:

    Another awesome theme, thanks a lot!

    Question, on the demo page what is the name of the front page section with 4 square thumbs with gray background, and how/where to set this one??

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • Al says:

      And where to set the fp feed-bottom section with recent posts and comments, and where do I find the shortcode and typography options?

      Thanks! 🙂

  9. hastur5 says:

    Thanks for your so beautiful Theme 😉

  10. Robert says:

    Thank you Alex. Already downloaded and immediately applied during first rollout of this theme. Any major changes since this first rollout?

  11. Ckubs says:

    Where I can report an issue? Github? 🙂

  12. Kathy says:

    Thank you for this great free design!

  13. Hubmoritz says:

    Hallo, schönes Themen ist das. Wie bekomme ich es eigentlich hin, einzelne Beiträge ohne Bild anzuzeigen, also nur Text ? Ohne Artiklbild wird ja immer ein leeres Bild angezeigt ud ich hätte manche Posts gerne nur mit Text. Gruss

  14. Bondesvick says:

    First is Hueman, now it’s Typecore.
    Dude you’re totally awesome.

  15. Nikolas says:

    Hi, Alexander Agnarson! I like this theme, realy cool!!! Alexander, you God of WordPress Theme! Thank you! 😉

  16. monfree says:


    When I use facebook share button in single post page. The image in share window is different from post’s featured image. Everytime it shows different, meaningless images regarding to post.

    How can I fix this issue?

  17. K Bharath says:

    incredible theme, when i saw it on google image search i thought this theme will be a premium theme, but its free, thanks for releasing this theme for free.

  18. Bondesvick says:

    Hi Alex, please how can I make the red top menu to always stick at the top while scrolling on mobile views?

  19. John says:

    I cant find XML file

  20. James says:

    Alex, please I need to change the Frontpage bottom widget area to just one, taking the space of the two columns of widget. How do I go about it?

  21. CarCarCar says:

    Hi,Alex, Please complete Post_Formats function,Thank you

  22. ARD says:

    Very nice theme thank you very much.
    I want to know where I can find the Demo Content for typecore ?
    I can’t find XML file in theme folder.

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